Bravery Symbol of Military Dog Tags

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Back then, the accessory worn by the country’s defenders was a way to commemorate their bravery in the heat of battle. Today that symbol has become more than just a soldier’s name, but it has turned into a fashion accessory that can be worn by any person. Still its essence among soldiers remains the same. The names of the brave soldiers imprinted on the military dog tags is one way to remember them.

Why is it that their name must be embedded on such necklaces? The answer lies in the historical wars between mankind. During the time of great civilizations and the medieval period warriors were sent to war by their King. They had to leave their loved ones back home with nothing for them to be reminisced but their memory. And so this tags were created during World Wars one and two, because a lot of soldiers went missing in action, or sadly, were one of the casualties of battle, in return their families received military men’s dog tag.

The giving of this necklace became an act of a burial ceremony. Families of the men, whose lives were lost, are called for and gathered. A special military mourning ceremony is held in the base camp where the soldiers were last stationed. A family representative, who is usually the parent or the spouse, receives the military dog tag of their lost loved one. More so trumpets are played to pay respect to the brave soldiers of yesterday for the last time. In this way they will never be forgotten.

The tags do not surely mean one will die if he is a soldier of profession. They also signify recognition. Military dog tags connote a brave outlook. It portrays an image of man who is not afraid of the challenges of life. Though it may show a tough and aggressive exterior because they are soldiers, still this jewelry is way to show that one is serving his country even if there are risks involved.
To able to wear this accessory for our country’s soldiers is the highest form of honour they could receive. It symbolizes respect, courage, and being fearless. It is not just an accessory for them. The value placed upon it is more than just a fashion statement, but it is also their way of placing a memory of their dedication in protecting their country.